LYBA Local Rules



Revised January 27st, 2014

The following list of regulations and criteria have been extracted from LYBA policies established in 1994 and beyond. The official Dixie Youth (DYB) or Babe Ruth (BR) rule book will be followed except when superseded by LOCAL LYBA rules and regulations and/or The City of Lumberton Recreation Department. It is the intent of LYBA to help teach the game of baseball to area youths by providing excellent teaching of fundamentals, sportsmanship & competition. LYBA also wishes to provide a wholesome family atmosphere, a sense of community pride and a spirit of cooperation between players, coaches, parents, volunteers, spectators and the City of Lumberton.


  1. Each team will have one (1) Manager/Head Coach and two (2) assistant coaches, (3) assistant coaches will be used for Coach Pitch. All will be listed on the official roster with DYB or Babe Ruth.
  2. All coaches shall be active (paid members) of LYBA and pass a background check.
  3. All coaches shall be certified NYSCA (National Youth Sports Coaches Association) prior to their official involvement with a LYBA team.
  4. Coaches at all times shall conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner with emphasis on fairness and teaching baseball fundamentals. Unsportsmanlike behavior is any behavior that distracts from the game and/or draws negative attention to the coach and/or LYBA.
  5. Coaches should refrain at all times from the use of alcoholic beverages, profane language and being overly negative toward any player, spectator or official.
  6. All coaches are expected to fully support LYBA and to encourage parents, players and others associated with their team to participate in concession stand duties, fundraisers, work days and any other LYBA activities for the benefit and betterment of the association.
  7. Coaches will work as liaisons with parents to provide up to date information and answers to baseball related questions concerning rules and policies. Coaches are the team representatives and shall make every effort to ensure Dixie Youth/Babe Ruth and LYBA rules are understood and followed.


  1. Umpires, Field Supervisors, League Commissioners and any other LYBA or City Recreation Official will immediately WARN a coach or player for using profanity, tobacco products or any other unsportsmanlike act or behavior noticed.
  2. The use of alcoholic beverages, threats of physical harm to umpires, players, coaches, league officials or spectators will be considered flagrant unsportsmanlike conduct and shall result in immediate removal from the game, dugout and facility. Such behavior will be considered intentional and willful violations of Dixie Youth/Babe Ruth and LYBA rules which will result in termination as a LYBA coach.
  3. The violation and subsequent violations of rule 1 will be documented in the score book and the offending coach notified. The notation should include the date, time and a brief reason for the warning (using profanity toward a player, etc.).
  4. A second offense during the same season will result in a two (2) game suspension.
  5. A third offense will result in removal as coach for the remainder of the season, with the strong possibility of removal of coaching permanently pending review by the Board of Directors.
  6. The Field Supervisor and/or League Commissioner will notify the LYBA President of each incident. Subsequently, the LYBA Board will review each incident for further action.
  7. Intentional and willful disregard of Dixie Youth/Babe Ruth or LYBA rules, regulations and policies will constitute serious unsportsmanlike conduct.
  8. Any coach ejected from a game shall be suspended for two (2) additional games.  Said coach will not be allowed to take part in any team function during the suspension. Any coach who is ejected from two (2) games during a season will be suspended for the remainder of that season, with the strong possibility of removal of coaching permanently pending review by the Board of Directors.



  1. All Dixie Youth games during school nights (Monday – Thursday) in the SPRING season will have a 90 minute time limit. All Babe Ruth games during school nights in the SPRING season will have a 120 minute time limit. A new inning begins immediately upon the completion of the 3rd out of the preceding inning. An inning can begin as long as there is at least one (1) minute remaining in the time limit. Once a new inning has begun, it will be completed. Coaches are encouraged to speed players on and off the field as wasting time between innings can result in the time limit expiring before the full 6/7 innings can be completed. Coaches should also use good judgment in decisions to continue games that are very close to the time limit expiring (Example – The 5th inning of a game that started at 6:00 ends with 1 minute left in the game. The visitors are up by 9 runs. The 6th inning legally can be started. The home team coach may choose to allow the game to end instead of playing the 6th inning because it would probably take at least 30 minutes to complete the 6th inning in order for the home team to have a chance to win the game and that would impose upon the start time of the 7:30 game, the players, parents, umpires & concession stand workers).  All Dixie Youth games on non-school nights will have a 120 minute time limit. Babe Ruth games on non-school nights will have NO time limit. In the FALL season, all Dixie Youth games will have an absolute 90 minute time limit and Babe Ruth games will have a 120 minute time limit. This means that regardless of the score or ½ inning in play or number of outs a team has, the game is over (a player at bat when the time limit expires will be allowed to complete the at bat).
  1. Teams can begin play with eight (8) players. If a team has less than eight (8) players at the beginning of the scheduled game time or if during the game a team has less than eight (8) players available, the game will be forfeited. Players that arrive late to a game will be placed at the bottom of the batting order.
  1. Game time is forfeit time.
  1. A player that becomes sick or injured during the game will be skipped over in the batting order at no penalty to that player’s team. If a player leaves for any other reason (school function, soccer game, gets mad, etc.) each time that player’s at-bat comes up an out will be recorded.
  1. Any player ejected from a game shall be suspended for one (1) additional game.  Player will be required to attend practice and scheduled game; however, said player may not participate in drills before, during, or after a game.  Failure to abide by this rule will result in continued suspension from league participation. Any player who is ejected from two (2) games during a season will be suspended for the remainder of the season.
  1. LYBA recognizes the need for school age students to be on their best behavior while attending school or involved in any school activity.  To help encourage good behavior and good citizenship, LYBA will not allow any student suspended from school to participate in any activity until such time as the suspension has been lifted and the student has returned to class.  This disciplinary action shall be taken by LYBA as the student’s suspension becomes known to us.  The participation of a suspended student in a game before the department staff becomes aware shall not be just cause for forfeiture of a game.
  1. All players are required to play a minimum of six (6) defensive outs and one (1) complete at bat each game. It is highly recommended that players be allowed to play more than the minimum (For instance, it is suggested that non-starters be allowed to play every other inning on defense, although not required by the rule). Failure to comply with the minimum requirements shall result in a forfeit of the game by the offending team. The only exception is if a game is shortened by the ten (fifteen for Coach Pitch) run mercy rule. Players with disciplinary concerns may not be allowed to play.  Coaches are required to inform the game supervisor prior to start time if any player will not be playing for disciplinary reasons.          
  1. Coach Pitch, Minors & Majors will use the continuous batting order every game in both the SPRING & FALL seasons. There will be no adjusting for uneven number of players (if Team A has 10 players and Team B has 13 players, all 10 & 13 respectively will be in the batting lineup. Team B cannot choose to bat only 10 players). Babe Ruth teams in the SPRING season will play under one of three options: (A) Standard Babe Ruth rules (9 man batting order, substitution, re-entry, etc.) or (B) modified LYBA local rules allowing for unlimited defensive substitutions. Offensively, teams will use a 9 man batting order, with offensive substitutions (pinch hitters) and re-entry rules applying or (C) continuous batting order & unlimited defensive substitutions. The SPRING season playing option will be determined prior to the beginning of each season based upon input of the Babe Ruth coaches, Board of Directors & League Commissioner. The intent of having three playing options is to give flexibility to the league based upon the number of players on each team and the number of teams in the league in any given season. Babe Ruth teams in the FALL season will use the continuous batting order and have unlimited substitution on defense.



  1. Player evaluation – All players that register to play LYBA are to be evaluated in order to determine their position in the draft. Evaluations consist of scoring players’ hitting, fielding & pitching abilities on a scale of 1 to 10 by a group of 5 or 6 evaluators. The total scores are averaged and players are listed in the draft order from highest to lowest. Players that do not evaluate WILL NOT BE DRAFTED AND  WILL BE PLACED ON TEAMS at the discretion of the League Commissioner or Board of Directors. (modified 1/27/14),  COACHES CHILDREN WILL BE EVALUATED, AND THE COACH WILL DRAFT HIS CHILD IN THE ROUND THAT HE EVALUATES IN.  IF A COACHES CHILD DOES NOT EVALUATE, THE COACH WILL USE HIS FIRST ROUND PICK ON HIS CHILD. (modified 1/27/14)    (EXCEPTION – There are no evaluations conducted in the FALL season).
  2. Draft – Each season LYBA will conduct a new draft in order to form teams. In the SPRING season, each Dixie Youth league will have a National & American Division. Babe Ruth teams will all be in the same Division. Coaches will be awarded teams by luck of a blind draw unless they are a returning coach in that respective league. They will then have the first right of refusal to stay in the Division that they were in the prior year. A returning coach will be allowed to move to a different division if there is room.  If more returning coaches request a division where there is not enough room, then the board will decide which coach gets the open spot.   Once teams have been assigned, the draft order of each team will again be determined by a blind draw. The American Division will draft first in even years and the National Division will draft first in odd years. (Example – 4 teams in each Division. Year 1999. National drafts first. The 4 teams in National pick out of the hat numbers 1, 3, 5 & 7. The 4 teams in American pick out of the hat numbers 2, 4, 6 & 8). The draft will then begin with the #1 team picking a player, then #2, #3 and so on. The order of the draft will REVERSE FOR EACH ROUND OF THE DRAFT for the entire time until all players have been selected.  THIS IS COMMONLY REFERRED TO AS A SNAKE DRAFT. (modified 1/27/14) Rounds are determined by the number of teams in the league (Example – MINORS have 7 teams, therefore every 7 players constitutes a round). A coach can select any player in the league in any given round (Example – player number 28 can be chosen in Round 2 except where there are siblings in the league, once the first sibling has been selected, the remaining sibling(s) must be selected in the round that they fall in or the next available round if their round has already passed. (Example #1 – Sibling A is picked in Round 2, Sibling B has evaluated in Round 4. Sibling B must be selected in Round 4. Example #2 – Sibling A is picked in Round 5. Sibling B must be selected in Round 6 because they evaluated in Round 4 and it has already passed). After the draft has been completed, practice times will be selected in the reverse order of the draft. Teams will practice at their assigned times and locations prior to the beginning of the season. Once the season starts, coaches must secure practice times and locations through the Lumberton Recreation Department. LYBA recommends that teams practice and/or play 2 to 3 times per week. In the FALL season, the entire draft will be an open draft. There will not be any evaluation conducted. Coaches’ children will be placed on their team at the top of the draft order and the remaining players will be drafted based upon the randomly selected draft order as discussed above.
  3. Uniforms/Equipment – LYBA will provide hats and shirts for each player. Pants and socks are the responsibility of the player. Each player on a team should wear the same color pants (white or grey) and same color socks. It is requested that players return their belts at the end of each season. Hats and shirts may be kept by the players and coaches. LYBA will also provide each team with the appropriate equipment (helmets, catcher’s gear, practice balls, equipment bag). LYBA equipment must be returned to the association at the end of each season. Coaches should make every effort to protect and return LYBA property so that LYBA does not have to unnecessarily spend money on replacement equipment.
  4. Concession Stand – The LYBA concession is an important part of our association. Profits made from the concession stand are invested back into LYBA to help pay for uniforms, equipment, insurance and other operational needs. Team drinks and team snacks (and individual coolers for spectators) are prohibited from being brought into the park Snacks and other food items should be purchased at the concession stand.
  5. League standings – Standings will be determined by a point system. Each team receives 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie and 0 points for a loss. The team with the most points at the end of the regular season in each Division will be determined to be the first place team. Ties will be broken first by head to head play, second by Division play and third by a one game playoff if time permits. If not then by a coin flip.
  1. Allstars – Since LYBA is franchised with Dixie Youth and Babe Ruth Baseball, players are eligible to participate in post season allstar play. The first place team’s head coach in Dixie Youth in each Division has the first choice to be that Division’s allstar team manager. That manager may choose the two allstar assistants from a list consisting of their first named assistant on their regular season team and from the other head coaches in their Division. If the coaching positions have not been filled by that list, then the Manager will select from the assistant coaches in the Division. Managers and assistants of Supplemental teams will be selected from remaining head coaches and assistants in the order that their teams finished regular season play. The Babe Ruth coaches will also be selected by the order of finish of the regular season with the highest ranking team’s head coach having the first choice of which team to manage (13 yr old, 14 yr old, 15 yr old). Assistant coaches will be selected in the same manner as stated above. Players will be selected to allstar teams in both Dixie Youth and Babe Ruth by first being nominated by their head coach and then by a majority vote of the regular season head coaches in their respective Division. Once players are nominated, the coaches will vote on each player ranking them from number 1 (best) through the total number nominated. The players with the most points will be eliminated until the minimum required number of players remain to fill the roster. (EXAMPLE: a total of 17 players are nominated for DYB American Majors with 4 teams. The coaches vote on the players 1 – 17. Player A gets votes of 1, 1, 2, 1 for a total of 5. Player B gets votes of 17, 15, 16, 12 for a total of 60. The other players have scores ranging from 6 to 58. Since DYB requires a roster of 12 players, Player B with 60 points and the 3 other players with the highest points will be eliminated, leaving the 12 players with the lowest point total as the allstar team). In Babe Ruth, it is the intent of the league to field all star teams in all three age groups.  In that event, each team will be chosen from players in that age group (Example: 15 year old tam chosen from all the 15 year old players in the league).  In the event that the Board of Directors determines that it is in the best interest of the league to field less than three all star teams, the Board will determine how the teams will be chosen based on the numbers in each age group at that time.  In all cases, if an all star team cannot be filled with players in that age group, it is permissible for players in a younger age group to participate on that team assuming that player has not been chosen for the all star team in his age group.  (Modified 2/4/14)
  1. Request for releases
  1. Dixie Youth Baseball does not allow releases by local leagues.  Only the state director can grant a release.


  1. It is the intent of this document to cover the LYBA local rules and procedures in order to conduct our SPRING & FALL seasons. It is recognized that there may be times in which situations occur that are not specifically covered by these rules or by the official DYB & BR rulebook. The final decision on any occurrence as mentioned above will rest with the LYBA Board of Directors and/or the Lumberton Recreation Department.
  2. The LYBA Board of Directors reserves the right to change, modify, add to or delete from this set of local rules and procedures as it may deem necessary given the state and condition of the organization.
  3. LYBA has adopted these rules, regulations and procedures for the sole purpose of bringing the great game of baseball to the youth of our area.

These rules and regulations have been approved and adopted by the LUMBERTON YOUTH BASEBALL ASSOCIATION, INC Board of Directors this 4th Day of February, 2014.