Message from Lumberton Youth Baseball Association!

Welcome to the 2023 LYBA Fall Baseball Season !!!

Our goal is to begin the Fall Baseball Season on September 18th and end on October 27th.

We will have three age groups for Fall Baseball... 6,7,8 years old (Coach Pitch), 9&10 (Minors/AAA), 11&12 (Ozone)
For Fall Baseball, you will play in the age group associated with the age you will be on May 1, 2024.

Fall Baseball will provide those who are staying in the same age group more experience in fielding, throwing, swinging, etc. and prepare for the upcoming Spring Season. For those who are moving up to a different age group, Fall Ball will also allow you to gain more experience, but also will allow you to adjust to the rules of the game for the age group you are moving up to... including pitching, base length changes, rules of the game, etc.

If you have any questions, please use the Contact Us at the bottom of the screen.
2023 LYBA Minors Regular Season and Tournament Champs

2023 LYBA Ozone Regular Season and Tournament Champs

2023 LYBA Coach Pitch Regular Season Champs

2023 LYBA Coach Pitch Tournament Champions

2023 District 9 Coach Pitch Runner-up

2023 District 9 Coach Pitch Champions


Fall 2023- Baseball

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